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Using Skype in the classroom:

Alot of classrooms are using skype as a way of communicating and sharing with other classrooms both within their own school or other schools. Skype can be used for sharing written language work (great for early finishers) with other classes, oral presentations, reading stories, big books...... the list is endless really. Skype is easy to download as well, so give it a try!

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Scratch Animation
We were looking into how music tells a story as our inquiry for last term (Term 3 08). As our end process, the children chose a piece of classical music that we had been listening to and had to create a story of what they thought was behind the music. They presented this story using Scratch, a very cool totally free animation (2D) programme. It was very easy for them to use and they all come up with some fantastic work, and really enjoyed using it. The class then paired up with the year 7/8's and taught them how to use it too. Below are a couple of the screen shots from two of the groups.
Fiona (Poroutawhao School)
Audacity and Powerpoint
We have just finished off our terms (Term 1 08) unit 'I'm a Superhero, Are You?'. The kids all wrote definitions of what a hero was to them, referring to qualities they have themselves, and then whether they were a hero or not. We recorded our definitions with audacity and then a technology team created a powerpoint show using photos of each child acting like a hero on the playground and their voice overs. We then added a backing track of Superman! They were fantastic, and the kids put a lot of thought into their definitions (there were a few extended abstract thinkers coming out of the woodwork!).
Fiona - (Poroutawhao School)

POD Casting and Photostory
We recently went sailing on the Manawatu river with the Have a go Sailing programme run by Yachting New Zealand. When we came back the students did a recount using Pod Casting to publish. This was fantastic in its self, but then I had a brain wave (these come few and far between) we had all these fantastic Photos, so we decided to make a photo story and put not just music to it, but also our Pod Cast as Narration and it work Fantastically well.
Mark - Hey Mark- cool idea aren't you clever!!

Google Earth
I've just used Google Earth with my class as an introduction to our Egyptian unit. We used it to find out where we are and where Egypt is. They were extremely excited when they realised they could see the pyramids and the sphinx from a photo taken from space!! They were amazed when they found cars on the streets of Cairo!
Great idea Roger. I just used Google Earth last week during an exercise on labelling and mapping. We also managed to find the school in Santiago, Chile for a new ESOL student who has just started in my class.

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