What ICT factors are really important in supporting Inquiry Learning?
This question has been really interesting me this year, having heard all about interactive whiteboards, projectors, favourable ratios of computers:students as factors promoting changing teaching and learning. We can't do all of them, so what makes most difference?

Jan Marie Kellow is an e-Fellow (it rhymes!) who has done some research in this area. Have a read on her website (it's pretty easy reading) and it may help you clarify your thinking when it comes to strategic/purchasing decisions.

Inquiring Mind - ICT and Inquiry Learning

Neil Anderson

Process of reflection on creating something with ICT - (could be used after reporting back in inquiry learning)
Reflect on:

  • What they have learnt using a particular ICT or piece of software
  • The process they went through
  • What they might do differently next time

School policies:
One school uses a wiki to put up policies that need imput from the staff to update - each teacher can go online and add to the policy - if you don't like what has been added you can use the history button and roll it back.

Sharing websites: I have made a del.icio.us account for our staff with a generic name and password. (poroustaff) This means teachers can go in and find or save useful websites anywhere. I am going to do the same for the children so it is easy for them to access great sites. Tabitha