Key competencies - Challenging, complex and compulsory

This was a workshop with Trevor Bond at Learning@schools. It was extremely valuable and gave me a great starting point towards redesigning our schools curriculum. I am going to try and attach the word document. Trevor Bonds website has lots of information about inquiry, curriculum development, questioning and thinking, well worth a visit. - check it out

Ideas for children to assess their own key comptencies
This was a trial that we began last year, as part of our assessment programme. I will try and explain it as best I can but if you want more information then just flick me an email.
This was based on the essential skills but can be easily adapted to key competencies.
So here goes....

  • We started with an essential skills and create a WALT for that.
  • children then discussed and created their own success criteria that they could self or peer assess.
  • this worked really well because the children really owned this criteria, understood it so much more and retained the information easier.
  • When assessing the children were required to provide evidence to support their assessment
  • It is aimed that this information will be further developed to create rubrics to be used throughout the school for key competencies and other curriculum areas.
  • We found that the children freely used the language of our virtues programme throughout their criteria, this also lend itself to Habits of the Mind - something that I would like to introduce to the school aswell.
  • since starting this year, we have noticed a great improvement in the children ability to set their own criteria, they are more confident with the language and providing evidence.
  • Any suggestions for futher developement would be greatly apppreciated.
  • Attached are a few examples of the criteria set in my class - yr6-8
wikicontri-assess.doc Cheer Tarnz

Key Competencies MoE Session
Coley Street 21st May