Web2 tools and applications:

A great site to access web 2 tools and their applications:

50 tools for web2 tools site:

http://cogdogroo.wikispaces.com/StoryTools - go here to find the latest in web2 tools. You will find out about voice thresad, VUVOX, Mixercast, Slideroll, Slide Flickr and many more.. Get on and have fun!!!

If you want to find out about web 2.0 tools visit 'you tube' at http://youtube.com If you type in the embeded url for the video you are watching you can embed it in your wiki or blog so it's sitting there.


Great site for podcasting is www.podomatic.com


good site: www2blogger.com or try www.blogspot.com- try setting up your own personal blog or a class blog

Want to check out more on blogging:visit: rachelboyd.wikispaces.com/bloggingnotes ===


Try using animated characters and avatars speaking instead of just text. We have tried the FREE ($200 for 5 years) MARVIN programme and an avatar site called VOKI. http://www.voki.com The voki avatar limits you to only a few lines but the voice is much better than the Microsoft voices.


Creating and using wikis: visit nelsoncentral.wikispaces.com/creating=wikis

Educational software: http://educationalsoftware.wikispaces.com

An emerging technologies wiki worth looking at is http://couros.wikispaces.com/Blogging

www.wkihow.com - a good site on 'How to' great to use with your class

Web 2.0 - good introduction video from a teacher who is using web 2.0 tools - Room 23 Muritai School: http://homewrkroom23.wikispaces.com

Lots of examples of other class wikis and how they use them (American) www.pbwiki.com
Social networking: Check out

**rockyou.com** space to create widgets to upload for your wiki etc

Bubble share
There are various programmes which will allow you to create a photo album to share online. BubbleShare allows you to take your album one step further and present your photos as a slide show. Within minutes, you can create a slide show small enough to email to friends, or embed in your blog, wiki or web page.

The process is simple: just create an account (it's free!), click on 'create a new album', give your album a a name, then upload the photos you have saved from your digital camera. You will then be able to present your photos in a slide show, and there are several different formats available. The process is quick and easy to get the hang of ... so experiment and have some fun!