Useful websites:
Please record any websites that you believe will be helpful to classroom teachers, with a brief description of what they are about below. If you are keen add the link to go directly to the site.

J Sharp Resources

Good "how to" books on various softwares e.g. Kidspiration/Inspiration, also "101 creative ideas for using a digital camera in the classroom". Jan showed us some of them on her visit to North recently.

Microsoft Photostory 3
This software is free to download, it is like a powerpoint but with easy step instructions. Next and back icons making it easy for junior children to follow. You can add text, music and narration to pictures. Key words: photostory 3
Follow the links: Download Photostory 3

Skype Talk and write
If you are interesting in finding out about Skype and talk to write, then visit this wikispace

Interface Magazine:
This is a magazine that covers issues relating to the use of ICT in classrooms and in working life. They have sent copies to schools but individuals can go online to register to get their own copies.

UMAJIN creative publishing power
It i free to download the trial, which never expires but you are unable to save any work. The costis min at $30 per licence with free updates this year. They are a local Palmy firm and they are only to happy to come out and give you a demo of the product. To find out more visit there website:
This software is excellent for having a blue or green screen.

Site for Images dont let the name of this site put you off, there are thousands of images on here for you to download, some are from professional photographers so the quality is high, some great macro shots.

Reference site 4-kids The following site provides links to a range of sites which give access to online reference material for kids.

Want to go to one of the best sites for digital photos: visit Flickr and get the most amazing images to use in your classroom programme.

ICT integration ideas written by teachers for teachers - hint this link to tki

Want to show video clips related to your programme: Visit and type in the search area for what you want

Resources: this is an excellent site for resources - please check it out sometime This is the Wanganui ICT cluster website. Has some teacher resources available. Great for ideas. Check out sometime.

|**practicalclassroomstuff** great site for practical classroom integration ideas

Graphic organizers: Searching for graphic organizers: visit ****

Very much like rastebator, except it just enlarges any pic you chose, it is so easy to do and the images are really clear.
Check it out: